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Infusion Man - DD Compound


I Dominik Dierkes founded DD-Compound in 2009. Since my youth, I am interested in special material. One of the most fascinating ones is till today carbon. At the age of 14 I started to build my first composite parts made from carbon fibre. You can see in the picture my first part ever build, a compressor kit for a Puch Maxi S. The first parts were built by wet layup but it was not possible to keep a clean work environment with all the fibres and resin messing around. After two parts I lost motivation to build parts this way and I looked for a way to build parts better and cleaner. After doing some research in books (there was no Internet back in the days, f**k I am old) I came across the resin infusion. Al long journey began and I made some experiences. When studying mechanical engineering I was member at the Ignition Racing Team. The idea at the team was to build a monocoque and use infusion. We wanted to infuse the monocoque in one shot including all layers, core and inserts. While following the plan we came across some problems due to complex resin flow needed for a successful infusion. The solution is an evacuation hose that is air permeable but resin impermeable. I made a hose that has these properties. The results of the infusion has been that good that I followed that idea and made the MTI® hose that we offer now worldwide to let you benefit of the perfect infusion. DD-Compound is a innovative company that aims to make products and processes in infusion bet- ter and more efficient. These benefits drive me and are your advantage.

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