Infusionman - DD Compound


Easy handling

No imprint

Less air in resin

less defects

Saves hours and costs

Infusion Man - DD Compound


„No print, less void, easy handling“

Blade Runner® is due to its materials and construction more stable than a normal spiral tube. Thereby it is easier to place and fix. This makes the setup for the vacuum infusion remarkably faster. By its unique design the resin feed line keeps a distance to the part surface.

Blade Runner® does not leave any print on the surface and minimizes air impacts especially in the area where the resin feed line is placed. Result is a higher quality with a perfect and structurally better part.


Safe infusion point

Easy handling

Secured connection

Push through bag design

0° oder 90°

Saves time

The connector has been specially developed for the resin feed line Blade Runner®. With this connector, inlet points can be set easily and safely. The connector is placed on the resin line. The matching connection tap is then inserted from above. Two different connection taps are available: One vertical and one angled.

Appropriately assembled sealing rings are placed between the connector and the connecting tap. These sealing rings ensure an airtight connection.

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