Infusionman - DD Compound


Long feed distance

Easy handling

better air transport

Easy to remove

Equal flowfron

Infusion Man - DD Compound


Sidewinder® is a cost out resin feed line for big structures with high resin use such as sparcaps. The design of Sidewinder® allows a more equal flowfront that omega channels and only one feedport up to 75m length is needed.

Sidewinder® is delivered on coils or drums up to 150m length. This way the feedline can be rolled out complete and there is no need for connection of smaller parts. This reduced the risc of infusion failures and handling time.

The veil around Sidewinder keeps airbubbles in the line so they don’t travel into the part. Also Sidewinder is perforated all around so initial air can be evacuated out of the feedline and will not be kept in the top of the feedline like with omega channels. The risc of air traveling in the part after infusion is also eliminated. Also the corrugated pipe inside collapses when exothermic reaction starts so that the resin in Sidewinder can be used for the part and the flat Sidewinder is easy to remove without a saw or other tools.

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