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less effort for preparing the infusion

no resin trap necessary

few investment costs

Higher process stability

minimize the resin consumption

Infusion Man - DD Compound


MTI® consists of an evacuation hose, non-woven and an air permeable membran. The sandwich construction leads to optimize the evacuation process and quality. Thus the MTI® will minimize costs using the vacuum infusion process. One step for manufacturing high quality products by vacuum infusion while minimizing costs compared to other processes pro- ducing fiber parts.

The MTI® hose is placed around the mold lip like an annular piping. The barrier effect to the membran avoids that resin could enter the evacuation hose. When resin reaches the membran it will stop there and will flow through the dry rest of the fabric. Thus cost intense and complex calculations of resin injection points are redundant.

By using the MTI® hose the complete impregnation of the fabric is guaranteed. The resin allocation can be arranged independ- ently from the MTI® hose, so it is possible to manufacture complex fiber parts by vacuum infusion. The MTI® hose can be located directly on the fiber part. e.g. at critical points or fields with material accumulation (thicker layers).

The risk of Dry Spots will be remarkably reduced.

The fiber to volume ratio can be exactly calculated, because no resin can discharge the mold. An additional advantage; the infu- sion process is visible and can be monitored at any time.

The process qualifies for small fiber parts and single piece production as well as for big fiber parts and serial production. The MTI® process reduces costs while increasing the quality. The MTI® process is suitable for conversation of production from hand lay up lamination to vacuum infusion, because for using the MTI® process no molding lips are necessary. The MTI® can be located directly at the edging of the fabric, thus conventional molds can still be used.


  • Using the MTI® process makes expensive equipment like an yutoclave obsolet. If the resin infusion process is already used no further invest needed.
  • The evacuation line stays free of resin all the time. This ensures a full vacuum over the whole process. After infusion is com pletes there is a closed system.
  • Due ton of resin is sucked out the fibre volume can be controlled by the infused amount of resin. This makes sure you get the best mechanical properties for your part.
  • Because the MTI® hose is placed around the perimeter the laminate is not covered by a membrane so the infusion can be seen all time.
  • The resin consumption is minimized to the amount needed in the part because resin can not be sucked out.
  • Mould lips can be designed smaller because there is no brake zone needed. The MTI® hose can be placed direct at the part.
  • By choosing the resin flow front independet from the evacuation line the risc of dry spots is dramatically reduced.
  • Because of the resin blocking function the MTI® hose is always working and ensures full vacuum at dry parts. This allows a full saturation of the parts.

The MTI®-Hose in action

Making a flawless component by using the MTI® method

How does the MTI®-Hose work?

The following animation explains the functionality of the MTI®-Hose and represent its advantages

How does the MTI® valve work?

The following animation explains the functionality of the MTI®-valve and represent its advantages

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