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DD-COMPOUND is specialiced in development and production of resin infusion consumables.

We develop and produce products that make the process more stable and enable projects that could otherwise not have been made in resin infusion.

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Our products are used worldwide in all kind of composite production, from the 330ft wind turbine blade, to 200mph offhore boats and high performance race cars and small special parts.

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Infusion Man - DD Compound


Offshore Powerboot

DD-Compound together with Wilson Custom Marine in Fort Pierce Florida manufactured the 44‘ Donzi Cat. The Donzi 44 is the first 4 outboard powered high speed pleasure cat. To achieve all the goals we had to make it as light and stiff as possible. What makes it unique ist that the whole boat is manufactured in optical visible carbon without cuts and disortions over the whole length oft he boat.

This was possible by using MTI®, Boat Runner®, Vac Checker®, the Sticky Can® and Squeezer®

The hull is 30% lighter and 30% stiffer at higher strength compared to competitors.

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Revolution Race Cars

DD-Composites has infused the first FIA certified carbon monocoque for Revolution Race Cars. The carbon monocoque is infused in one shot including all layers, core and inserts.

By using the DD-Compound infusion process a tub was build that is as stiff, light and strong as a prepreg tub.

By consolidating of process steps ans massive energy saving we couls achieve a cost reduction of about 40% compared to a equal prepreg ma- nufactured monocoque.

We used MTI Hose®, Blade Runner®, Vac Checker®, The Sticky Can® und Squeezee®

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Radical Sports Cars

DD-Composites did produce the series of carbon fiber components for Radical Sports Cars. The MTI infusion process leads to extremely light sandwich-components with only one face layer can be manufactured with perfect surface quality at the same time. The body components produced in this way make it possible to keep the vehicle weight low without having to compromise on the components.

we used MTI Leitung®, Blade Runner, Vac Checker®, The Sticky Can® and Squeezee®.

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Seebold F1 Boat

The challenge at the Seabold F1 boat has been to use existing moulds without a flange and several holes. This has been possible by using the MTI Hose® that can be placed direct at the part edge. This way an infusion process in the existing moulds has been possible. Result was one of the lightest and stiffest F1 boats.

We used MTI Hose®, Blade Runner®, Vac Checker®, The Sticky Can® und Squeezee®.

P1 Superstock

Wilson Custom Composites, CED Engineering and DD-Compound developed and designed the safety cockpit for the P1 Superstock boats

The hull and cockpits have been built at WCC in Florida, Peter Watt of CED did the FEA and DDC developed the process.

The cockpit was FEA analyzed and is the safest in its class. The safety cell was build from a bond-in-infused monocoque with an infused roll structure as canopy.

At the hull we could save 50% by infusing one shot with XPS core material and a special for WCC developed resin by Hexion.

This was possible by using MTI Hose®, Blade Runner®, Vac Checker®, The Sticky Can® und Squeezee®

Wind Industrie

Nearly all blade manufacturers use DD-Compound products for manufacturing. For several of our customers we developed customized products to fit their production and gain process stability and decrease cost.

Products used in wind industry are Resin Brake Line®, Resin Brake Film®, Resin Brake Bag®, Blade Runner®, Sidewinder®, MTI®, Vac Checker®, Squeezer®

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